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Maybe you have been thinking about how to start your own art journey -- or maybe you are feeling a nudge to be more creative?

I was in your shoes once, so I thought would share some of my favorite artists and illustrators currently teaching on some incredible online learning platforms - making it super easy for anyone (yes, even you!) to learn how to become a better artist. These artists have been very integral in helping me to find my artistic style and voice. I think you are going to love them too!

I graduated with a degree in fine arts, but that in no way means that I know everything about the art world.  There is SO much to learn! Luckily, when I want to find out how to do something, I have no trouble digging in and finding my way.  

I rounded up a few of my favorite online art classes for you here:

August Wren (@augustwren) who’s real-life name is Jennifer Orkin Lewis, is an amazing artist that works mostly in gouache.  She has such a gentle spirit and sweet way of encouraging her students to go-with-the-flow. Her style is loose and expressive.

My favorite class of August Wren’s is 30 Things to Paint with August Wren.

Lisa Congdon (@lisacongdon) is another brilliant artist.  She has a more abstract way of painting with bright colors and very crisp lines. The biggest takeaway from her courses is to embrace the wonky wiggly lines as they come. Imperfection is what makes art handmade. It is what makes art YOURS.

My favorite class of Lisa’s is, 31 Days of Drawing and Painting with Ink.

Yao Cheng (@yaochengdesign) is a beautifully talented watercolor artist. Yao has such a gentle spirit and teaching style. She encourages you to go with the flow and not overthink your brush strokes.  

My favorite class of Yao’s is, 31 Flowers to Paint with Yao Cheng.

All three of these online art classes are hosted at CreativeBug! Courses are pre-recorded so you can go at your own pace! No pressure - just fun!

"You're more creative than you think!" - creativebug

But seriously, there are just so many talented artists out there! So I am including a handful of my other very favorites because three just doesn’t cut it!

The links (in alphabetical order)  below will take to you their online profiles or websites -  and the courses they teach.

Bonnie Christine

Peggy Dean

Carolyn Gavin

Nicole Miyuki

Dylan M

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